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Very Different Colour Ideas for Your Kitchen

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21:08 PM

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home, especially for women, who put their heart into decorating it to their liking and cook meals for the entire family out of pure love. Gone are days when plain and boring kitchens would do. Today, people are remodelling and revamping their kitchens into lavish and luxurious spaces that are a sight to see.

Full-scale kitchen remodels can be super expensive, and not everybody can afford them. If you’re tight on budget, it doesn’t in any way mean that you can’t revamp your kitchen to meet modern standards. You can still enjoy an all-new kitchen on a budget. Simply sprinkle some colour in your kitchen, and voila! A kitchen that radiates life and energy will be ready in no time.

If the idea of a budgeted kitchen revamp excites you, go no further. We’ve put together some popular

colour ideas for your kitchen that will have you all pumped up to get down to kitchen revamp right away!

White is the most common

Most people are opting for white kitchens, and they’re doing so for all the right reasons. White radiates energy. Since kitchens are where most people start their day, white can wake them up and make them feel fresh instantly. An all-white kitchen is a treat to the eyes. The best thing about having a white kitchen is that you’ve got all the room to add accessories of any colour you like. All colours come out beautifully against a white base.


If you’ve got a bold personality, it should reflect in your kitchen, and what could be bolder than red colour? Red is a warm colour and is known to stimulate appetite, making it a great option for kitchens. It’s highly versatile, considering the endless possibilities there are in terms of shades. You could opt to get red-coloured cabinets or keep the cabinets light and make the walls stand out in red. The choice is yours – either way, a red-coloured kitchen looks stunning!


Another popular colour for kitchens is blue. Blue is an absolute delight to see in kitchens. Lighter shades of blue look clean and crisp and do well for cabinets, walls, and the ceiling. It’s an invigorating colour when used in kitchens only sparingly. However, if you go too overboard with blue, with can appear overpowering. As far as darker shades of blue are concerned, it’s important to balance the overpowering effect with hints of neutral tones, grey, and whites so that your kitchen doesn’t appear too intense.


No colour can brighten up your kitchen like yellow. Yellow adds life to any room – it has a soothing effect and can make people feel happy and calm and even hungry! The colour yellow is an ideal choice for smaller kitchens as it makes the kitchen feel bigger than it actually is. You can pair it with white to keep it from looking too loud and bright.


Another popular colour idea for the kitchen is green. You can choose from numerous shades of green, from apple green to mint green. Green pairs well with wood and white accents as well. If you’re in the mood to go overboard with green, give emerald green a shot. It will feel like a jolt of energy and will make your kitchen come to life!

You can opt for any colour idea that you think aligns well with your personality and preferences. Changing the colour of your kitchen is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of revamping your kitchen, so what’s stopping you now?